Jeanette Windle has spoken at writers conferences, international ministry, events, women’s retreats, and taught seminars on a wide variety of topics in more than a dozen countries on three continents in both English and Spanish. An expert on Latin America, Afghanistan, and current events around the globe, she has been interviewed for radio, TV, and print media in both North and Latin America. Below are just a few of the topics Jeanette has presented.


Afghanistan, Sharia, and Freedom—Can They Co-exist?

Latin America’s Meltdown—And Why It Matters to You. What is the relationship of Latin American drug trafficking and guerrilla warfare to Islamic militant movements, and what threat does that epidemic pose to the United States of America?

Is Democracy Enough? Is the simple act of casting a majority vote the value America should most concern itself to export? Or is our nation’s freedom owed to over-arching values of justice, human rights and liberties without which all our attempts at democracy abroad will be doomed to failure?

Collateral Damage: Women and Children at Risk in Global Conflicts

Language of the Heart: Mentoring Indigenous Writers in the Developing World. Mentor and conference speaker for writers in a dozen countries, Jeanette shares the urgency of developing literature in a culture’s heart language.


Standing Strong in the Storm: We are not called to safety, but to stand strong in the midst of the storm.

Sarah—Trusting God through Others’ Mistakes: When the man you love gets you thrown in a harem, where do you turn for rescue? One of a series addressing concerns of today’s woman through a fresh look at biblical characters.

Keep Your Hands in the Canoe! Life Lessons from the Jungle: Lighthearted moments and spiritual application from Jeanette’s life experiences in the jungles, mountains, and towns of Latin America.



Writing to Touch the World (Keynote): An author whose ministry and novels transverse the planet’s darkest corners, ECPA Christian Book Award and Christy Award finalist Jeanette Windle shares from her own walk through life’s storms how every writer’s unique journey with God can become a message that will touch and change this world.

CIA 101—Investigative Techniques from the Trenches: Learn the investigative techniques by which political/suspense novelist Jeanette Windle has created fiction realistic enough for government agencies to question whether she obtained classified information. 

Candid Confessions of a Novice Novelist: Want to avoid the red ink of that editor’s pen? From Jeanette Windle’s own writing and editorial experience, a hilarious romp through the most common mistakes of the beginning fiction writer and how to avoid them.

Life’s Good, Bad and Ugly: Making Fiction Ring True: Writers can only breathe reality into their words if they know intimately of what they are writing.  From an author who has been there and done that, learn how to use the good, bad, and ugly of your life experience to give your fiction the touch that will grab editors’ attention and make your story ring true to readers.

Writing an Eye-catching Proposal: You have ten seconds to catch an editor’s attention, two minutes to keep it, so make that proposal count! A practical guide to writing a professional and attention-grabbing proposal. Offers clear explanation and solution to short proposal vs. long proposal issue.

From Platform to Print: Got that personal experience story or single-issue message you’ve been wanting to get print for your ministry book table—and haven’t been able to get organized? Walk through these simple, practical, yet effective steps that will transform your heart’s cry into a publishable manuscript.

Crafting the Political Suspense Novel: From a novelist who has had government experts ask how she knows so much, learn the tools to research and write a well-crafted political-suspense plot that is indeed truth as well as fiction.

Using the Six Senses Purposefully: Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, effective telling of the story is what transports your reader into the world you want to share. And this is done most effectively through the six senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and that all-important sixth sense of the writer–emotion. Bring pen, paper and creativity because this will be a hands-on exercise.

Hook That Whale: Reeling out that perfectly honed hook for query or proposal may be all you’re lacking to land a whale of an editorial contract. Tweak it a little further, and you’ll have your elevator pitch as well. This will be hands-on, so here is your opportunity to bring your best query hook/elevator pitch (25-100 words) along to share. AND plan to work on a perfect pitch for your current fiction WIP.

Weaving True Life Faith and Heroism into Culturally Relevant Children’s Curriculum: Children worldwide know of Hudson Taylor or Corrie Ten Boom. With reason, but every national church has its own pioneers of the faith and true life tales of God’s working and miracles. Chronicling such stories not only prevents local church history from being lost, but provides an invaluable resource for children’s ministry. This workshop offers a practical outline for adapting true life biographies and stories of God’s grace, adding strong biblical application and other elements necessary to create culturally-relevant children’s curriculum.



From an award-winning suspense writer whose life and novels transverse the planet’s darkest corners, this multi-session fiction track takes a fun-filled and hair-raising romp through the author’s own real-life experiences to teach a practical outline for creating a seamless fictional world, peopling that world with living, breathing characters, then interweaving plot lines, character, conflict into a powerful resolution. Sessions can be taught as individual workshops.

Writing Fiction Part One—‘A Firm Foundation’: Any place, time, or setting carries the germ of a story. But how to weave a world, whether contemporary, historical, or fantasy, that you can see, smell, taste, touch, and feel? Learn practical principles of building a firm and authentic foundation for your fictional story.

Writing Fiction Part Two—‘Can These Bones Live?’: Are your protagonists skeletal stereotypes designed simply to move along your storyline or living, breathing persons you’d recognize immediately in a dark alley? Motivation, life history, personality are just some of the points that will help you add flesh and soul to the bare bones of your characters.

Writing Fiction Part Three—‘A Story to Tell’: A compelling story lies not only in who, what, where, and when, but how and especially why. Interweaving plot lines, conflict, POV, dialogue, forward motion vs. flashback, character vs. action-driven are among the elements necessary to tell an effective story.

Writing Fiction Part Four—‘A Tale’s End’: Written the last scene and thought you were done? Not so fast! Is every plot thread tied up? Conflict resolved? Time lines and real-life details double-checked? Spiritual message crystal-clear? Here will be your chance for any unasked questions.

FOCUS ON FICTION CLINIC: You’ve written a novel, maybe two or three. But the rejections keep coming, and you can’t understand why. You’ve battled plot holes, character flaws, faulty resolution (or maybe not!), but can’t quite figure out where to go next. This practical, hands-on clinic from an author who has been where you are (and a lot of other places!) will help pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your WIP, map out precisely what’s needed to kick a great story to a publishable level, and send you home raring to get at your keyboard for that next rewrite.


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