Jeanette Windle has spoken at writers conferences, international ministry, events, women’s retreats, and taught seminars on a wide variety of topics in more than a dozen countries on three continents in both English and Spanish. An expert on Latin America, Afghanistan, and current events around the globe, she has been interviewed for radio, TV, and print media in both North and Latin America. Below are just a few of the topics Jeanette has presented.


Afghanistan, Sharia, and Freedom—Can They Co-exist?

Latin America’s Meltdown—And Why It Matters to You. What is the relationship of Latin American drug trafficking and guerrilla warfare to Islamic militant movements, and what threat does that epidemic pose to the United States of America?

Is Democracy Enough? Is the simple act of casting a majority vote the value America should most concern itself to export? Or is our nation’s freedom owed to over-arching values of justice, human rights and liberties without which all our attempts at democracy abroad will be doomed to failure?

Collateral Damage: Women and Children at Risk in Global Conflicts

Language of the Heart: Mentoring Indigenous Writers in the Developing World. Mentor and conference speaker for writers in a dozen countries, Jeanette shares the urgency of developing literature in a culture’s heart language.


Standing Strong in the Storm: We are not called to safety, but to stand strong in the midst of the storm.

Sarah—Trusting God through Others’ Mistakes: When the man you love gets you thrown in a harem, where do you turn for rescue? One of a series addressing concerns of today’s woman through a fresh look at biblical characters.

Keep Your Hands in the Canoe! Life Lessons from the Jungle: Lighthearted moments and spiritual application from Jeanette’s life experiences in the jungles, mountains, and towns of Latin America.


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