Veiled Freedom


Radio Host Linda Goldfarb interviews Jeanette on Veiled Freedom and Afghanistan.

Blogtalk radio show, Information in a Nutshell, interviews Jeanette about writing and investigative techniques.


PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: Windle—author of the political/suspense thriller CrossFire—taps into current events with her newest novel, set in Afghanistan. Relief worker Amy Mallory had dreamed of working in Kabul for years, yet her first impressions of the dusty, tradition-bound city aren’t great. Steve Wilson, leader of the personal security detail for Afghanistan’s minister of the interior, carries memories of his last time in the war-torn country. And Jamil, the Afghan whom Amy hires as her interpreter, is haunted by his past. The trio’s lives entwine as they struggle to live and work in Kabul, Amy through New Hope—offering protection to women released from prison—and Steve through protecting Khalid Sayef, a leader who promises reform. Windle’s writing sings when she compares the teachings of Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) with those of Muhammad, but occasionally clunks with overuse of acronyms and convoluted sentences. Yet readers will be enthralled with this penetrating look at Afghanistan and its many mysteries revealed through the lives of flawed men and women. Windle is a top-notch storyteller.

BOOKLIST: Amy Mallory is a young and naive Christian relief worker who arrives in Afghanistan ready to take on the world and share her faith. Special Forces veteran Steve Wilson helped drive the Taliban from Kabul, but he’s since signed on with the private security firm tasked with protecting key members of the Afghani government. In Afghanistan, Jamil’s family was once wealthy and respected, but greed and enmity have destroyed Jamil’s hopes of a future; he lives day-to-day and is grateful for any small blessing. Windle builds on her own experience as a missionary in South America, and her sterling reputation for creating thrilling Christian evangelical fiction in her newest novel of international intrigue. Readers familiar with the demands and expectations of life in an Islamic country may find Amy’s behavior unrealistic, but Windle’s vivid descriptions and complex, high-stakes plot make for a fast-paced, intensely political drama that succeeds in bringing a fascinating culture to life. –Lynne Welch

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ROMANTIC TIMES, June, 2009:  Windle masterfully blends hard-hitting facts with a story full of intrigue and a dash of romance. Readers will finish this novel with an appreciation for the people of Afghanistan and the hardships they too endured in the war. This story would make a great book club selection.

TITLETRAKK REVIEWS:  “With a fascinating mix of political intrigue, danger and adventure, devotion and disillusionment, faith and a whisper of love, Veiled Freedom is a brilliant and challenging novel!”

ARMCHAIR INTERVIEWS: A wonderfully written novel, Veiled Freedom, held me captive from the very first page. Author Windle has provided exquisite details regarding the Afghani life of a native, a western women and a soldier. . . . In North America, it is often difficult to imagine a society like that. But Author Jeanette Windle has done a wonderful job of giving us a peek, albeit from a safe distance! The power of forgiveness and God’s ability to provide second chances were very evident in the book as the characters learned to forgive. I enjoyed the ending immensely and the pace of the book was just right. This book is highly recommended and I am definitely looking forward to her next novel! READ FULL REVIEW 

CHRISTIAN WOMEN ON-LINE: “You don’t just read Windle’s books, you live them. Windle will not tickle your American ears . . . Instead Windle grabs your heart and gives you the truth; there are problems on both sides of the isle but she tells the story fairly.  I encourage all women to read this book, if nothing else it will give you specifics on what to pray for concerning the Afghanistan women.  READ FULL REVIEW 

THE MERRY GENRE GO ROUND REVIEWS: This is an exciting relevant character study that through the three prime players enables the audience to have a better understanding of Afghanistan. The most intriguing aspect of the tale is the profound look at the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad. . . .VEILED FREEDOM is a timely insightful look into a nation devastated by three decades of war. READ FULL REVIEW

WINDOW TO MY WORLD REVIEWS: Veiled Freedom is a book that has changed my life. For the first time since the September 11th attacks on our country, I think I now have a grasp on what is really taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq. Jeanette Windle has carefully researched and recreated the Afghan culture in her latest novel, and she explores the many different viewpoints through which people view U.S. involvement in this conflict. She also explores the basic beliefs of Islam alongside Christianity, and she reveals the true difference between these two faiths using teachings from the Bible and the Quran. Honestly, I don’t know when I have been so deeply moved by a novel! . . . So I’m going to say this…if you don’t read anything else, read Veiled Freedom by J.M. Windle.  READ FULL REVIEW

AUTHOR’S CHOICE REVIEWS: Although I felt uncomfortable being moved out of my American comfort zone into the real Afghanistan, I grew to love Amy and the women and children she rescues. And I began to understand the real situations that exist in this foreign land. It will definitely change the way I pray for these people. Veiled Freedom is so well written, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The gospel is clearly lived, and shared. One person really can make a difference.

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