Congo Dawn


Lancaster Sunday News visits Africa’s conflict zones with Jeanette Windle’s Congo Dawn.

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Awardwinning Author Margaret Daley interviews Congo Dawn heroine Marine Lieutenant Robin Duncan


PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: “Windle comes off a highly acclaimed pair of books on Afghanistan (Veiled Freedom, Freedom’s Stand) and moves into the jungles of the Congo. . . . Inverting the Heart of Darkness trope of self-discovery in the jungle, this story sheds light through a great faith struggle . . . “ SEE FULL REVIEW

AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION BOOKLIST: Congo Dawn . . . effortlessly blends journalistic objectivity, humanitarian interest, faith-based inspiration, and the struggle of individuals to determine what is right. Windle’s writing is engrossing, and this tale of moral suspense is a must-read.”     

WORLD Magazine: “Windle turns detailed reporting, gospel understanding, and a suspenseful plot into a story that will keep you turning pages and thinking more deeply about God’s love and human suffering.”

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DR. BRUCE WILKINSON, internationally bestselling author of Prayer of Jabez, Secrets of the Vine, The Dream Giver: “Jeanette Windle’s Congo Dawn brings home the profound truth that God’s love and human suffering are not impossible contradictions, but a divine paradox those refined in the fires of adversity are best equipped to understand.”

FRESH FICTION: “Congo Dawn is a sizzling tale of corruption, oppression and injustice in the Congo. Jeanette Windle paints a vivid picture of the beauty of the land, as well as the corruption and devastation that is taking place. This is a story about hatred and anger and how to overcome it with forgiveness and hope. The characters leap from the pages with the diverse personalities Windle gives them. If you enjoy a thriller about international espionage and special ops, but love a strong inspirational message and a little romance, this is a great read.”

ANDRES SCHWARTZ, US Navy SEAL:“Congo Dawn is a riveting story by Jeanette Windle whose realism and attention to detail are second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed her tackling the ‘problem of evil’ in this account of the Congo. Even though it is fiction, it is based on meticulous research and is derived from today’s headlines.”

TAMAR MYERS, bestselling author of The Witchdoctor’s Wife and The Boy Who Stole The Leopard’s Spots: “In the pages of Congo Dawn, author Jeanette Windle paints a picture of the great Ituri rainforest and its people that is so real I was whisked back to the Africa of my childhood. An artistic triumph that deals with one of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s most serious problems: that of corruption.”

WAMBURA KIMUNYU, author, publisher, and international board member Media Associates International, Nairobi, Kenya:“Jeanette Windle carried me briskly along with her on this intriguing journey into the past and present of the Congo, the cutthroat world of mining and the private defense industry with her rich descriptions, credible characters and sensitive writing. So much so that when the central theme of the book hit me, the question of where is God in our darkest night, I did a double take. The myriad story threads in Congo Dawn all do revolve around this question. Jeanette’s genius is in how she weaves them all together, and in the flawed, wounded yet ultimately lovable characters she writes about whom you anxiously follow down dark alleys of the soul, all the while believing in them and rooting for them. “

MARTHA MUNCE,VP, Munce Group: “Jeanette Windle’s portrayal of a female interpreter attached to Congo mercenaries creates a gripping story of forgiveness, hope, and love that transcends the war, suffering, and poverty of a forgotten people.”

GAYLE ROPER, bestselling author of 40+ novels, including RITA and HOLT Medallion Award winner Autumn Dreams and Christy Award finalists Spring Rain, Summer Shadows, Winter Winds:“When it comes to international intrigue and the impact of Christ in hard settings, no one bests Jeanette Windle. Congo Dawn is another of her riveting stories.”

MINDY STARNS CLARK, bestselling author of Whispers of the Bayou and The Amish Midwife: “Jeanette Windle writes about the darkest corners of the world with absolute authority, using dogged research, an eye for detail, and her talents as a storyteller to make the reader feel absolutely there. She’s not afraid to visit the darkest corners of the human heart either, bringing depth to her fiction and important truths into the light.”

RONIE KENDIG, Christy Award winning author of Wolfsbane: “Enthralling! Spotlights of truth breech the multi-layered canopies of a dark jungle that has long hidden tragedies perpetuated against the Congolese. Windle’s masterful touch shines as she once again shares from a wealth of experiences and knowledge. Out of darkness and despair comes Congo Dawn, a gripping, heart-breaking tale that will infuse readers with a thirst for justice.”

DON HOESEL, Author Elijah’s Bones, Serpent of Moses: “Windle writes with the authority of an experienced world traveler–someone who has witnessed firsthand the world so richly wrought in Congo Dawn. Filled with candor and authenticity, the novel explores a conflict few westerners fully understand and, while Windle doesn’t shy away from the horror and despair of her subject matter, the story unfolds with a deft touch and a great deal of grace. Congo Dawn is that rare high-energy novel that doesn’t just leave you breathless but with a good deal to think about once you close the book. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down until the explosive finish.”

LISA HARRIS, author of Christy Award finalist Blood Ransom and 2011 Best Inspirational Novel Blood Covenant: “Jeanette Windle’s latest international intrigue, Congo Dawn, is a heart-pounding ride ripped from the headlines with an added punch of humanity that will tug at your heart and leave you looking at the world in a different light.”

WANDA DYSON, bestselling author of Judgment Day and Shepherd’s Fall: “I loved this book. Jeanette Windle always delivers strong stories, characters you will fall in love with, and a spiritual theme that will either drive you to your Bible or to your knees. Once again, Jeanette delivers with another wonderful book that will keep you up late flipping the pages as fast as you can read.”

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