Freedom’s Stand


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ROMANTIC TIMES: “Freedom’s Stand continues the story begun in Veiled Freedom. The vivid setting of Windle’s captivating page-turner captures the soul and struggle of the Afghan people. You can’t finish a Windle novel without being deeply moved and better informed about the world around you.”

NOVEL BOOKSHELF: “Jeanette Windle has a firm grasp on the history of Afghanistan and the current state of its people that makes this a very realistic and griping story.”

WORLD MAGAZINE: Freedom’s Stand has three main human characters—a cynical security contractor, an idealistic aid worker, and former jihadi Jamil, who now uses his medical training to help his countrymen and women in the name of Isa Masih (Jesus). Afghanistan is also a character—Windle conveys well a beautiful land that has suffered under constant war, cruel and corrupt officials, and Islam. As elections draw near and politicians vie for the support of both the U.S. government and religious hard-liners, Jamil’s ministry draws attention, and he ends up in jail. Windle’s engrossing story doesn’t offer easy answers, but it does show how the gospel empowers believers to live courageously amid bleak circumstances.”

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DR. CARL MOELLER, President, Open Doors USA, author of The Privilege of Pain: “If you have ever wondered what life is like ‘behind the veil’ of Islam in Afghanistan, then Freedom’s Stand will touch your heart like nothing else.  It brings a message of hope for those whose lives are a desperate search for the reality of God.”

GENRE GO ROUND REVIEWS: “J.M. Windle continues her profound look at modern day Afghanistan as she follows the lives of three stars of Veiled Freedom. Character driven, readers observe life in a complex society. For instance Jamil rescues a child on fire only to flee for his life. Fast-paced and loaded with action, Ms. Windle catches the diverse essences of the Afghani people through her lead trio whose behavior while helping others in dangerous situations seem real.” READ FULL REVIEW

CHRISTIAN BOOK PREVIEWS: Freedom’s Stand is certainly an intriguing story: a mixture of love, fear, hope, and redemption tied up with the cultural and political issues surrounding the characters. The struggles the main characters face as they try to seek both justice and forgiveness are thought provoking, and the love they learn to understand is beautiful to see. I would recommend this novel to anyone who embraces a good story, the search for freedom, and the sense of hope Christ provides.

ANGELA HUNT, bestselling author of The Fine Art of Insincerity: “I’ve read several books about the terror and tumult in contemporary Afghanistan, but not until reading Jeanette Windle’s Freedom’s Stand did I realize that Islam’s honored prophet Isa Masih holds the answer for this blood-stained country. You may know the prophet as Yeshua or Jesus the Christ, but Freedom’s Stand beautifully illustrates how he brings inner peace by whatever name he is known.”

CHUCK HOLTON , former Army Ranger, war correspondent, award-winning author and editor of American Heroes series with Oliver North: “In  Freedom’s Stand, Windle’s thorough research, passion for accuracy and trips to the war zones of Afghanistan paint a picture so true-to-life that it may make her the subject of a fatwa or two. My hope, however, is that the story will open readers’ eyes to the plight of Afghan women, and open their hearts to the love of Isa Masih – the only hope for Afghanistan and the world.

STEVE SAINT, author The End of the Spear: “To be good, a story has to be  entertaining. To be really good, a story has to leave something in your soul that makes your life richer and you more valuable to those who are touched by your story. I have previously only been to Afghanistan once. I barely scratched the surface of that tumultuous, passionate, assertive country with its multiple cultures and deep struggles. I wanted to go back. And now I have with an author who took down the veil so I could see the Afghanistan that visitors don’t see. Freedom’s Stand leaves me richer and more aware of many hurts I have missed. It has made the people of Afghanistan and their struggles part of me.”

SUSAN MAY WARREN, RITA award-winning author of My Foolish Heart: “Absolutely Riveting.  Move over, Kite Runner, because Freedom’s Stand captures the life and culture of Afghanistan as if you are standing in the middle of Kabul, smelling the fires of rubber tires, listening to the Islamic call to prayer, wrapped in a burqa, while still offering a gripping message of hope and salvation.  The deftly drawn story captured me with every word, the plot so compelling that once I picked up Freedom’s Stand, I couldn’t escape the power the story.  With sacrifice, betrayal, redemption and love, Freedom’s Stand is an absolute must read.

MARK MYNHEIR, homicide detective, author 2010 Christy finalist The Night Watchman and The Corruptible: “Freedom’s Stand is a fascinating, in-depth plunge into the cultural and religious struggles of the Afghan people and those who are trying to make a difference there. Jeanette Windle gives us another breathtaking story of love, faith, intrigue, and sacrifice, proving again why she’s one of the best storytellers around. Highly recommended!”

MARY DEMUTH, author Thin Places: A Memoir,  2010 Christy Award finalist Daisy Chain: “It’s not easy to capture a war-torn, enigmatic country like Afghanistan, but Jeanette Windle expertly places you right there, wooing you to fall in love with people in dire circumstances. This story of redemption and sacrifice will stick to you like Afghanistan dust, not easily wiped away or forgotten.”

T.L. HIGLEY, award-winning author 2011 Christian Book Award finalist Petra, 2009 Christy Award finalist Shadow of Colossus: “Windle writes with the power and authenticity of one who has lived on foreign soil and brought back truth we often do not see from our American living rooms. Freedom’s Stand is rich with the history, politics, and culture of Afghanistan, and brings a people to life whom we are called to love. A rich and eye-opening tale.”

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