“Jeanette Windle took my book to a whole new level.  She was able to help me see my book not just from my own perspective, but from that of a future reader. In so doing, she transformed my writing from good to great.  Her depth of insight, knowledge of history, personal experience and biblical literacy make her a one of a kind editor. I am so thankful that people who read my book, Our Good Father, will read it after having been edited by Jeanette.”


—Pierre Eade, Our Good Father: Seeing God through the Eyes of Jesus


“Working with Jeanette made the overwhelming process of getting my first book from an idea to a finished product manageable and exciting. Her experience with editing and knowledge of the publishing process was evident from the start, and I am thankful that she was a part of getting my story in print to share with others.”


—Tracey Casciano, author Out of the Darkroom into the Light: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness after Child Abuse, 2016 Christian Small Publishers Association Book of the Year Award


“I am so grateful for Jeanette Windle for making this entire series so much better because of her loving editorial ruthlessness. Her theological understanding, life experience in missions, own storytelling choices, and skill convince me that God providentially led me to her. I cannot imagine a more perfect editor for this project to make it what it needed to become.”


—Brian Godawa, author Chronicles of the Apocalypse and Chronicles of the Nephilim


“It took me sixty years to compile the events of Dancing from Darkness, but as co-author Jeanette pulled it all together in three months.  Not only did she capture the details of the events I survived, but she also captured my thoughts, feelings, fears and reaction to all those events.  The success of my book is truly the expert and gifted work of Jeanette Windle.”


—Eleanor Isaacson, author Dancing from Darkness: A WW2 Survivor’s Journey to Light, Life, and Redemption


“Jeanette Windle didn’t just edit; she understood my deepest intentions and helped me make sense of every word. She became a mentor and a friend to me. I am deeply grateful for her honesty in purifying my manuscript. Now I have a great story that God is using to help others!”


—Bess Lewis, author Temporary Mom: A Foster Parent’s Journey through Love and Loss and the Lessons God Taught Me Along the Way


“I was blessed to have Jeanette Windle the editor of my first book, Insane Success. The manuscript she received was a skeleton with bones out of place and more than a few missing. Seeing the vital messages in it, she came alongside me as much more than my editor. Jeanette became my long-distance tutor, motivator, source of encouragement, and friend.”


—Steven Lomelino, author Insane Success: From Losing the American Dream to Finding God’s Abundant Life


“Editor Jeanette Windle is a God-send. Her perspective, feedback and skill as an editor has graced the pages of this book.”


—Preston Rentz, author The Good Fear