“As a first-time author, I was looking for someone who could not only provide great editing but also help me understand and navigate the editing process.  Jeanette provided confident, concise feedback and excellent professional editing; but she also came alongside me with practical encouragement, challenge, and even enthusiasm for my content area. My book was far, far better due to Jeanette’s skills.  I could not have asked for a better editor!”


—Tina Stoltzfus Horst, author Dancing Between Cultures: Culturally Intelligent Coaching for Missions and Ministry, founder Coaching Mission International (CMI).


“Jeanette Windle took my book to a whole new level.  She was able to help me see my book not just from my own perspective, but from that of a future reader. In so doing, she transformed my writing from good to great.  Her depth of insight, knowledge of history, personal experience and biblical literacy make her a one of a kind editor. I am so thankful that people who read my book, Our Good Father, will read it after having been edited by Jeanette.”


—Pierre Eade, author Our Good Father: Seeing God through the Eyes of Jesus

“I cannot say enough about Jeanette’s talent as an editor. Sharing my daughter’s battle with cancer in print brought raw emotion back to the surface, but Jeanette caringly and thoroughly explained her changes throughout the editing process. It was important to her that the readers get to know me and my daughter and experience the faithfulness of God through my story, which helps readers feel as if they were there with us living through Natalie’s difficult journey. Jeanette always met deadlines. She was fast and welcomed my questions and comments. Having a great editor was an essential part of bringing my words to life, and I am very happy with this book. I highly recommend enlisting Jeanette’s services. She’s worth the investment!”

—Kathy Yokeley, Vice President of Communications, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), author Not My Plans: When God Allows a Parent’s Worse Fears to Come True


“Praise the name of Jesus for what He is doing through the publication of Divine Reversal. Thank you so very much to my editor Jeanette Windle for all your investment in this book. A common reaction on the Amazon reviews I have gotten so far is that readers could not put it down. These comments speak of the fruit of your labor.”


—Dr. Susan Joy Simkins, PhD, author Divine Reversal

“As a new writer, I was writing a special book about a traumatic part of my life—a prison term—and needed an editor who ‘got’ it. From the outset, Jeanette Windle understood my vision and goals. Every email I received was clear, and missing very little. Despite USA-Australia time zone difference, all her responses were fast, detailed, self-explanatory, and friendly. As Jeanette shaped my mess, it was like watching a master-potter turn multiple lumps of unjoined clay into a finely finished vessel fit for use in the Lord’s house. I am so pleased with the outcome.”


—Niven Neyland, author Finding Myself Inside: When a Prison Sentence Becomes God’s Gift of Love, inaugural chair of Friends of Dismas church for prison ex-inmates, secretary of Men’s Support Mission.


“Working with Jeanette made the overwhelming process of getting my first book from an idea to a finished product manageable and exciting. Her experience with editing and knowledge of the publishing process was evident from the start, and I am thankful that she was a part of getting my story in print to share with others.”


—Tracey Casciano, author Out of the Darkroom into the Light: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness after Child Abuse, 2016 Christian Small Publishers Association Book of the Year Award



“Jeanette Windle did a phenomenal job in bringing this novel to life. Her expertise was invaluable in developing both the plot and characters. It is truly a blessing to work with such a professional.”

—JP Robinson, author Publishers Weekly-acclaimed Northshire Heritage Trilogy



“A special thanks to Jeanette Windle, my fiction editor and mentor, saw my potential and pushed me until I reached the level she knew I could attain.”

—Lisa Ellis Betz, author Death and a Crocodile, Mystery/Thriller Gold Medal, 2021 Illumination Book Awards.



“I would like to thank my editor Jeanette Windle for the tremendous amount of work she spent on bringing this manuscript to a professional level.”


—Mary Therese Hutchinson, author A Road to Mercy, 2020 Illumination Book Awards Silver Medal, 2019 Xulon Press Christian Author Awards Bronze Medal


“I am so grateful for Jeanette Windle for making this entire series so much better because of her loving editorial ruthlessness. Her theological understanding, life experience in missions, own storytelling choices, and skill convince me that God providentially led me to her. I cannot imagine a more perfect editor for this project to make it what it needed to become.”


—Brian Godawa, author Chronicles of the Apocalypse and Chronicles of the Nephilim


“It took me sixty years to compile the events of Dancing from Darkness, but as co-author Jeanette pulled it all together in three months.  Not only did she capture the details of the events I survived, but she also captured my thoughts, feelings, fears and reaction to all those events.  The success of my book is truly the expert and gifted work of Jeanette Windle.”


—Eleanor Isaacson, author Dancing from Darkness: A WW2 Survivor’s Journey to Light, Life, and Redemption


“Jeanette Windle didn’t just edit; she understood my deepest intentions and helped me make sense of every word. She became a mentor and a friend to me. I am deeply grateful for her honesty in purifying my manuscript. Now I have a great story that God is using to help others!”


—Bess Lewis, author Temporary Mom: A Foster Parent’s Journey through Love and Loss and the Lessons God Taught Me Along the Way


“This book would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of our editor Jeanette Windle, who saw greater potential in this project than we would have imagined.”


—Rev.Eric and Carol Smith, author From the Beginning: A Biblical Response to Christian Patriarchy


“Much thanks to Jeanette Windle for her great editing of my first book title. I couldn’t have got this finished without her help and also learned a lot about writing non-fiction. I will definitely reference her to other writers.”


—David Braun, author Are We All Cannibals?: Experiencing God’s Security in a World that Devours One Another, international conference speaker, leadership development ministry, founder All Things New.


“I was blessed to have Jeanette Windle the editor of my first book, Insane Success. The manuscript she received was a skeleton with bones out of place and more than a few missing. Seeing the vital messages in it, she came alongside me as much more than my editor. Jeanette became my long-distance tutor, motivator, source of encouragement, and friend.”


—Steven Lomelino, author Insane Success: From Losing the American Dream to Finding God’s Abundant Life


“Jeanette Windle brings a wealth of life experiences and writing knowledge coupled with patience and encouragement to each project. After years of writing devotional material, I needed guidance to switch to YA fiction. Jeanette has been both a tough coach and a first-rate encourager as she’s helped me take more than one project from idea to publication. For every “this won’t work,” she has a “but I have some ideas on how to fix it.” And page-by-page, a strong story is born.”


—Kathy Cassel, author Freerunner


“This book wouldn’t read so profoundly yet simply without the touch of Jeanette Windle. Jeanette is a master artisan at interweaving story and teachin, and paring down narrative to a succinct, central focus.”


—Ami Thomson, author Fear Not: Unleash the Conqueror Within


“Editor Jeanette Windle is a God-send. Her perspective, feedback and skill as an editor has graced the pages of this book.”


—Preston Rentz, author The Good Fear


“Jeanette Windle’s expertise and skillset brought out the very best of my manuscript. My heartfelt thanks go out to her for being a huge part of my incredible journey. She truly is an extremely gifted writer. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeanette to anyone who is thinking of putting pen to paper and is looking for real professional assistance in them realizing their dream of becoming an author in their own right. I’m glad I did.”


—Marie-Rose Fox, Hidden Thorns (2019 Caleb Awards Finalist)




“My editor, Jeanette Windle, is an encourager and an expert editor who has cut out, added, and clarified my story to bring about a polished product. I am very grateful to her.”


—Sue Liston, author My Altered Self



 Thanks to Jeanette Windle for her Christian witness, writing and editing ministry, prayers, and helping me become a better writer.”


—Jeff “Coach” Zirkle, author Knowing the God Who Imagined You



“Many thanks to Jeanette Windle for her diligent copy editing of these materials, her independent perspectives, and her advice concerning the publication process.”


—Duncan Matheson, author Teach Them to Obey, Studies for Disciples



“My heart-felt thanks to Jeanette Windle, my editor, who took my scattered musings and with the heart of Christ’s servant and the skill of a professional made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. This book would not be here with you.”


—Dr. Tim Harben, author The Way We See: Kingdom Paradigms and Christian Formation



“My sincerest gratitude goes out to my editor, Jeanette Windle, without whose expertise and professionalism—not to mention insightful opinions—this work would never have been made possible.”


—Clifford Nichols, author A Barrister’s Tales