Congo Dawn marks another brilliant foray by award-winning Windle (Freedom’s Stand, 2011), a child of missionaries, into the ambiguous worlds of war-torn regions. She effortlessly blends journalistic objectivity, humanitarian interest, faith-based inspiration, and the struggle of individuals to determine what is right. Windle’s writing is engrossing, and this tale of moral suspense is a must-read. American Library Association Booklist

“Windle comes off a highly acclaimed pair of books on Afghanistan (Veiled Freedom, Freedom’s Stand) and moves into the jungles of the Congo. . . . Inverting the Heart of Darkness trope of self-discovery in the jungle, this story sheds light through a great faith struggle. . .” —Publishers Weekly

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Freedom’s Stand continues the story begun in Veiled Freedom. The vivid setting of Windle’s captivating page-turner captures the soul and struggle of the Afghan people. You can’t finish a Windle novel without being deeply moved and better informed about the world around you.”  —Romantic Times

“Jeanette Windle has a firm grasp on the history of Afghanistan and the current state of its people that makes this a very realistic and griping story.” —Novel Bookshelf 

Freedom’s Stand is certainly an intriguing story: a mixture of love, fear, hope, and redemption tied up with the cultural and political issues surrounding the characters. The struggles the main characters face as they try to seek both justice and forgiveness are thought provoking, and the love they learn to understand is beautiful to see. I would recommend this novel to anyone who embraces a good story, the search for freedom, and the sense of hope Christ provides.”Christian Book Previews

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Windle—author of the political/suspense thriller CrossFire—taps into current events with her newest novel, set in Afghanistan. Relief worker Amy Mallory had dreamed of working in Kabul for years, yet her first impressions of the dusty, tradition-bound city aren’t great. Steve Wilson, leader of the personal security detail for Afghanistan’s minister of the interior, carries memories of his last time in the war-torn country. And Jamil, the Afghan whom Amy hires as her interpreter, is haunted by his past. The trio’s lives entwine as they struggle to live and work in Kabul, Amy through New Hope—offering protection to women released from prison—and Steve through protecting Khalid Sayef, a leader who promises reform. Windle’s writing sings when she compares the teachings of Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) with those of Muhammad, but occasionally clunks with overuse of acronyms and convoluted sentences. Yet readers will be enthralled with this penetrating look at Afghanistan and its many mysteries revealed through the lives of flawed men and women. Windle is a top-notch storyteller.Publishers Weekly, 4/20/09

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“Detail and intrigue make this story a page-turner…The details are so exact, these same agencies thought the author was privy to classified material.”—In the Library Reviews

Filled with adventure, suspense and political intrigue, Windle’s novel takes the reader on a wild ride through the forests of Guatemala to uncover an unsettling combination of greed, corruption and international conspiracy. This story is not to be missed!Romantic Times

Betrayed is not only a good mystery, but a good primer on the current state of much of Latin America and the legacy of our involvement there. And for those readers and booksellers who might be put off by the Christian slant: on the one hand, it’s gentle, like the hymn that runs through it. On the other hand, it’s thought-provoking, also like the hymn, and gives the story a tension beyond the social and political.” —Shelf Awareness

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“A highly credible account of the DEA’s foreign ops.” —Fred Duncan, retired DEA agent

“Action-packed thriller . . . Windle’s treatment of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s fight against drugs in Bolivia is impressive. Recommend to readers who enjoy fast-paced novels with international settings.”—CBA Marketplace

 “I was impressed with [Windle’s] knowledge of DEA techniques. Windle’s plot and treatment of characters is first-rate and CrossFire is a very interesting read.” —Jerry Weeks, Sheriff of Pend Oreille County Washington

 “Jeanette has done an incredible job of transporting her readers to the teeming cities and steaming jungles of Bolivia, evoking character and atmosphere so vividly that I feel like I have been there.  An unputdownable read with a serious message.” —Marion Stroud, best-selling British author and European trustee of Media Associates International


The DMZ is a great book! I read it during a book tour, and could hardly wait for my next break to get back to the Colombian jungle and the adventures of this young reporter who is caught in international intrigue while trying to sort out her own feelings about her past. The story is compelling, with good characters, great dialogue and descriptions, and an ending you cannot put down. Windle writes as well as Grisham and does a better job of weaving faith into the story.—Patricia Sprinkle, Bestselling mystery author

“The DMZ was very thought-provoking and a real joy to read.”—Chuck Holton, bestselling author and former Airborne Ranger,  U. S. Army

Windle is skillful at capturing the setting and politics of South America, where she grew up . . . an exciting read. —Joseph Bentz, CBA Marketplace, July 2002


Prison did not hold Julio Vargas, Sara Conner’s deadliest enemy. He has been bought out of the prison and is paid to train an elite group of terrorists—a group like the United States Special Forces. Sara Conner is unaware of Vargas’s release from the prison and settles into her new life… —Dian Moore, Christian Book

Excitement, risk, romance, suspense, trauma, victory, and the potential to repeat it all – Jeanette Windle’s FIRESTORM covers time and distance, embracing the gamut of emotion. Sara can’t remember when she last felt safe – not since she’d… —Kay Tira

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