The Parker Twins Series

The Parker Twin Series


“Page turning, action-packed adventure. These books are cool!”—Bill Myers, best-selling author of Wally McDoogle, TJ and the Time Stumbler series

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Cave of the Inca Re


While traveling with their uncle to Bolivia, Justin and Jenny Parker get tangled up with smugglers and their only escape is the Cave of the Inca Re. Is the power of God greater than an ancient Inca curse?

Jungle Hideout


Justin and Jenny aren’t in the jungle long before they realize that the scorpions, tarantulas, and jaguars are the least of their concerns. It’s the violent drug traffickers that really have them worried. Does prayer really make a difference?

Secret of the Dragon Mask 3. CAPTURED IN COLOMBIA

When Uncle Pete is kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas, the twins must find him before a nearby volcano erupts. But that means deciding whether to trust a new friend—and to forgive.

Mystery at Death Canyon 4. MYSTERY AT DEATH CANYON

Visiting a Montana Indian reservation, the twins see what appears to be the ghost of Chief Thunderbird. When they investigate, they find chilling answers and life-threatening danger. In a face-off with an angry shaman, can the reservation’s fledgling church—and the twin’s own faith—stand the test.

Captured in Columbia 5. SECRET OF THE DRAGON MARK

When a gang terrorizes a Vietnamese friend’s neighborhood, the twins join forces with him to expose the gang. As they become targets of those with the dragon mark, they discover that standing up for faith and friendship can mean stepping over the line of their own personal safety.

Race for the Secret Code 6. RACE FOR THE SECRET CODE

Mr. Parker is accused of selling defense information to terrorists. As the twins scramble frantically to prove their father’s innocence, they must answer the question: Do even the best of motives justify telling a lie?

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