Interview by Deborah Finnamore

Jeanette Windle, a mother of four, speaker, and award-winning author-editor grew up in the rural towns of Colombia, now guerrilla hot zones, with her missionary parents. The morning of September 11, 2001, she finished the rough draft of The DMZ, a political suspense novel set in the guerrilla-controlled demilitarized zone in southwestern Colombia, satisfied that her research had been meticulous… READ MORE

Interview by Award-winning Author Lena Nelson Dooley

Welcome, Jeanette. Tell us how much of yourself you write into your characters. 

While everything in my novels is based on actual occurrences and the situation on the ground of the countries about which I write, it certainly doesn’t all come from my own life. A good example: depictions of the Colombian guerrilla camps in The DMZ came not from my own experience, but from personal friends who did spend up to years in captivity.  READ MORE


PATRICIA SPRINKLE, bestselling mystery author, including Thoroughly Southern, The Family Tree and Sheila Travis mystery series The DMZ is a great book! I read it during a book tour, and could hardly wait for my next break to get back to the Colombian jungle and the adventures of this young reporter who is caught in international intrigue while trying to sort out her own feelings about her past. The story is compelling, with good characters, great dialogue and descriptions, and an ending you cannot put down. Windle writes as well as Grisham and does a better job of weaving faith into the story.”

CHUCK HOLTON, bestselling author and former Airborne Ranger, U. S. Army: The DMZ was very thought-provoking and a real joy to read.”

JOSEPH BENTZ, CBA Marketplace: “Windle is skillful at capturing the setting and politics of South America, where she grew up . . . an exciting read.”

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