TEASE:  It’s a world of intrigue and danger that draws a young woman into a deadly clash between her new family, a drug cartel, and the Drug Enforcement Agency. Stay with us.

OPEN:   Thanks Larry, and welcome to our program. Sarah has a problem. Big problem. She thinks her new way of life with her husband is going to be the thing fairytales are made of. But what begins as a fairytale turns into a nightmare. The book is entitled Crossfire, it’s published by Kregel, and the author is Jeanette Windle. Jeanette grew up in Columbia and Venezuela the daughter of missionary parents. She’s spent the last 15 years in Bolivia, so the situations and settings, though fictional, come from her experiences there. Jeanette, welcome to First Edition. READ MORE


FRED DUNCAN, retired DEA agent: “A highly credible account of the DEA’s foreign ops.”

CBA MARKETPLACE: “Action-packed thriller . . . Windle’s treatment of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s fight against drugs in Bolivia is impressive. Recommend to readers who enjoy fast-paced novels with international settings.”

JERRY WEEKS, Sheriff of Pend Oreille County Washington: “I was impressed with [Windle’s] knowledge of DEA techniques. Windle’s plot and treatment of characters is first-rate and CrossFire is a very interesting read.”

MARION STROUD, best-selling British author and European trustee of Media Associates International: “Jeanette has done an incredible job of transporting her readers to the teeming cities and steaming jungles of Bolivia, evoking character and atmosphere so vivdly that I feel like I have been there.  An unputdownable read with a serious message.”

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