Editing Services


Jeanette Windle is an award-winning author with twenty-plus titles in print, including Tyndale House Publisher fiction releases Veiled Freedom, ( ECPA Christian Book Award/ Christy Award finalist), sequel Freedom’s Stand, ( ECPA Christian Book Award/Carol Award finalist/Golden Scroll finalist), Congo Dawn (Golden Scroll Novel of the Year). She is also author of several non-fiction books, including Baker Group titles Forgiven: The Amish School Shooting, a Mother’s Love and a Story of Remarkable Grace (ECPA Christian Book Award/Christian Retailing Best Awards/Golden Scroll finalist) and All Saints, also a Sony Affirm movie.

Jeanette has more than twenty years’ experience as a missions journalist and freelance editor. Jeanette is founder and editor of an international missions publication, BCM World, and has served as a fiction projector editor for Grupo Nelson, the Spanish-language division of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Jeanette is a contributing author and editor for the Christian Editor Connection, Christian Authors Network, and The Christian Communicator. She speaks extensively at Christian writers conferences and offers freelance editing, book mentoring services, manuscript review, and critique in both English and Spanish. This includes all fiction and non-fiction genres.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: For examples of Jeanette’s editing work and style, beginning excerpts can be read on-line of such published client titles as Tracy Casciano’s Out of the Darkroom into the Light (2016 Christian Small Publisher Award), Pierre Eade’s Our Good Father, The Good Fear by Preston Rentz, Dancing from Darkness by Eleanor Isaacson, Marriage God’s Way by Scott LaPierre, or Insane Success by Steven Lomelino. For professional manual example, see Between Cultures: Culturally Intelligent Coaching for Missions and Ministry by Tina Horst. For fiction example, check out Brian Godawa’s Chronicles of the Apocalypse.


Jeanette reserves the right to reject any manuscript project at her own discretion, including for such reasons as overt profanity, graphic sexuality, content or philosophies strongly at odds with Jeanette’s own life views as a committed Christian.

CONTACT: Contact us with your project request at jeanette@jeanettewindle.com. Though all initial contacts are preferred electronically, a phone conference can be set up if necessary to discuss your project in more depth.


Manuscript Evaluation: We offer several level of services to fit your budget.

*Book Proposal Critique: In-depth evaluation of book proposal, including query letter, synopsis, story outline [fiction] or chapter outline [non-fiction] and beginning chapters, not to exceed total of 40 pages double-spaced. FEE: $100
*Initial Package: includes a line-by-line substantive critique of book proposal, synopsis, and up to 10,000 words of manuscript. Typically, this package is enough to give an overview of strengths/weaknesses of the project as a whole and its marketability. FEE: $200
*The Works includes:

1)an initial read-through of the manuscript, offering line-by-line commentary. For fiction, this would include pointing out plot holes, character and event inconsistencies, problems with setting and story structure, theme development, etc. For non-fiction, this would include evaluating readability, organization of material, prose quality, reader takeaway, and more.

2)a separate detailed analysis of the project as a whole, strengths and weaknesses, marketability and what remains necessary to bring manuscript to publishable stage.

3)a follow-up teleconference to discuss manuscript, address any questions raised, brainstorm next steps (optional, but an extra step clients have found invaluable; there is no additional charge).

Typically, a 50,000 word manuscript takes around 10 hours for Full Works evaluation (an easy calculation for your manuscript is to approximate 5000 words per hour). What this does NOT include is actually rewriting the book for the author [see Copy Editing below]. FEE:  $40 an hour

Project Mentoring: Many writers, especially those working on their first full-length manuscript for publication, find the back-and-forth of personal mentoring more profitable than a simple evaluation. Typically, project mentoring begins with one of the above packages, followed by a personal mentoring session by phone, going point by point through a manuscript and how the author can improve it. Rewrites can be sent back for perusal. This process can be a combination of rewrites, e-conference, and phone mentoring until the book is judged polished enough for submission. Total cost varies hugely depending on how much editing is needed and how much the author desires; the author can pull out at any time.  FEE: $40 an hour

Copy Editing: The level and cost of copy editing depends entirely on how print-ready your manuscript already is. We offer three levels of copy editing. FEE: $40 an hour for all copy-editing services.

*Proof-reading: This offers a final read-through of a finished manuscript for typos, misspelling, basic grammar errors, inconsistencies without any alterations of author content and formatting.
*Substantive Editing and Rewriting: Involves substantive correction of grammar, tightening and smoothing prose, necessary reorganization of material, and other general polishing to produce a print-ready manuscript while retaining the author’s own voice and writing style.
*Complete Rewrite/Ghost Write: An author may have a story or material they wish to convey without wanting to invest serious time in learning the writer’s craft. In this case, a complete collaboration with the author supplying core material and the editor providing the actual writing may be an effective alternative.

All editing changes will be done through the Microsoft Word Track Changes program, permitting the author to accept or reject any rewrites performed. An initial manuscript evaluation (see above) will help you determine which of these options is best for you.

Customized Editing: If you have an editing need not listed above, please contact us with your project, and we can put together a package designed specifically for your needs.

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION: Do NOT submit a manuscript with initial inquiry. Electronic submission is always preferred. Double-space manuscript using 12-point Times New Roman font and standard margins on your computer. Send files as attached Word document.

PAYMENT: Do NOT submit payment with initial query. Once project request has been processed, you will receive an invoice, which can be paid through check, money order, PayPal or credit card (through PayPal). Please specify if you wish to pay by credit card or directly through PayPal to receive a secure electronic PayPal invoice (you do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card through PayPal invoice). Retainer must be deposited before work begins. If a project runs above $500 or alternative arrangements have been made, payment may be made in installments with work continued as balance is maintained in the client’s account.